The Angel of Progress is the angel responsible for controlling the elemental power of Progress. She was called from Undertale.


Progress was originally an ordinary human child who had climbed Mount Ebott, and fallen into the Underground. After her fall, she proceeded to complete a True Pacifist route, refusing to kill any monsters and making an effort to befriend them instead. After her fight with Asriel and freeing monster kind from the Underground, she returned to the surface. After a few years of living on the surface, she received her calling from Mother, and left her universe to answer the call.

Once her training was complete, she was sent to her domain, the Impetus Domain, in order to bring balance to Aethertale by keeping Progress (the elemental power, not the angel) under control.


Progress generally tries to be kind to everyone, and refrain from antagonizing others even if they show hostility towards her. She still possesses her determination, it being even stronger than it was before due to her gaining her angelic abilities. Progress is generally a calm and positive person, looking for the good in bad situations rather than dwelling on the problem.

Progress also communicates well with her fellow angels, although she may clash with Fate at times. When a conflict arises, she often tries to resolve the conflict or end the conversation completely rather than continue to argue.


Progress has the ability to completely change how a situation ends, or if it even ends at all. She also has the ability to put it into the heart of someone to carry out a certain action, though she very rarely uses this ability. Due to her possessing her determination, she can use this to form various objects to fight or defend with, her primary weapon being a broadsword.